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  • Factory of the Future

    Flexible, Digitalized, and Sustainable The Factory of the Future might conjure images of ‘lights out’ factories with lines of industrial robots, but the robots of the future will...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Technology at Work v4.0, including automation, robotics, digitization and AI, was sweeping through many industries, but with it came a growing risk to jobs — Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne’s analysis at...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Purposeful Innovation in Finance

    ...the longer-term impacts of greater adoption of automation and AI on employment models, as we examined in our Technology at Work Citi GPS series. Alternative energy brings enormous potential for...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Bank of the Future

    ...learning, and other forms of automation, but they must also look to overhaul their operational systems and technology systems. This new report identifies what we believe are the ABC’s of...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Technology at Work Series

    ...assess the extent of automation and its effect on the labor market across industries and countries and propose pathways and strategies that can help governments and societies adapt successfully....

    Technology & Innovation
  • Disruptive Innovations V

    ...managers are disrupting their pricing models by considering a performance-oriented fee structure. Robots designed to replace humans through the automation of factory floors has been a trend for a few...

    Technology & Innovation

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