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  • 2019 Corporate Finance Priorities

    ...tensions will remain a key risk in 2019. Earnings estimates have already been significantly lowered for both U.S. companies with exposure to China and Chinese firms with exposure to the...

    Global Growth
  • Investment Themes in 2019

    ...tensions between the U.S. and China has thrown a big wrench into global growth plans, increasing uncertainty across markets and stoking fears of a slowdown in global growth. Our commodities...

    Global Growth
  • China’s Belt and Road at Five

    ...the major financing announcements made to kick-start the BRI in 2014 — recapitalizations of the China Development Bank, China Export-Import Bank, as well as new capital for Silk Road Fund,...

    Global Growth
  • Inclusive Economic Growth Series

    Income inequality across OECD countries is high and has risen substantially in recent decades while global inequality has decreased, led by falling inequality between countries. Rising inequality is...

    Global Growth
  • Rethinking Single-Use Plastics longer import ~50% of the world’s scrap plastic and paper. As China has been the dominant importer of plastic scrap with an annual plastics consumption of 8 million tonnes,...

    Environmental Economics
  • Electric Vehicles

    ...remaining the largest EV markets. Our bull case scenario lifts penetration to 18% in 2030 and assumes both European emissions targets will be met and China new energy vehicle targets...

    Technology & Innovation

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