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  • Investment Themes in 2019

    ...make that call. To that end, we believe Frontier Markets are poised to do well as the economic growth outlook looks reasonably solid in contrast to emerging markets Although coral...

    Global Growth
  • Are Markets Starting to Envisage Changing Roles of Telecoms and Tech?

    ...(2) externalities (if duplication causes negative externalities and brings no economic value, there may be a case for regulation-enforced sharing); and (3) national interests (regulated, standardized, and secure infrastructure may...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Investment Themes in 2018

    ...political outlook and economic and financial markets performance is itself a major risk. For inflation, commodity prices, in particular energy, and a more robust Phillips curve dynamic are the main...

    Global Growth
  • 2017 Investment Themes

    ...weigh on economic activity and investment; however these trends are not at all uniform. The impact of changing momentum in these areas is, nonetheless, likely to be heavily felt in...

    Global Growth
  • Global Political Risk

    ...begin to wane. For most of 2015 markets were transfixed by two main drivers; Fed policy and China’s economic outlook. 2016 and beyond may prove to be the era in...

    Soundness & Security
  • Investment Themes in 2016

    ...positively drive economic growth back to ‘normal’ levels. Interest rates have been lowered, inflation targets have been set, and fiscal belts have been tightened, yet global economic growth has remained...

    Global Growth

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