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  • Purposeful Innovation in Finance, the amounts that are now estimated to be directly ESG screened or managed are about $30 trillion in equities, with a similar figure in credit. This provides the perfect...

    Technology & Innovation
  • 2017 Investment Themes

    ...out of bonds and into equities. However, as we argued in our October 2014 GPS report, risk rotations tend to take place within asset classes and not between them. This...

    Global Growth
  • Infrastructure for Growth

    ...offered by private sector investment. Returns on equities and bonds have in recent years been at historic lows, and Investors are crying out for yield, in particular for long-dated, stable...

    Global Growth
  • The Global Art Market

    ...equities but outperformed bonds. Over time there is a clear link between art prices and the global economy. For example, some of the strongest falls in art prices were observed...

    Global Growth
  • Investment Themes in 2015

    ...economies. Across 2014 our asset allocation framework recommended an overweight position in equities but, while equities outperformed other asset classes, the margin was not as comfortable as expected, especially relative...

    Global Growth
  • Asset Allocation for a New Era

    ...between bonds and equities? Or what if there was never really a relationship between the performance of the two asset classes and it was all just a coincidence? In this...

    Global Growth

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