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  • Purposeful Innovation in Finance

    ...highlights the importance of values in society and the importance of the dignity of, and respect afforded to, the individual. Inequality is a hugely important topic and one that we...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Inclusive Economic Growth Series

    ...Income inequality across OECD countries is high and has risen substantially in recent decades while global inequality has decreased, led by falling inequality between countries. Rising inequality is not...

    Global Growth
  • Women in the Economy Series

    ...provides concrete actions that both companies and governments can adopt as part of a wider embrace of the global agenda to reduce gender inequality through promoting women’s economic empowerment.Authors:...

    Global Growth
  • Inequality and Prosperity in the Industrialized World

    ...Addressing a Growing Challenge On average, income inequality within developing economies is very high, particularly in Africa, and higher than in the industrialized world, which creates its own major...

    Global Growth
  • Global Political Risk

    ...diplomacy is ineffective against a rising sentiment of injustice and inequality among increasingly diverse social groupings. The result is an increased incidence, on one side, of non-diplomatic measures such as...

    Soundness & Security
  • Investment Themes in 2016

    ...shifting to normal balance. Sluggish economic growth has led to the emergence of new socio-economic risks, including a lack of trust in elites, growing income inequality, and widespread youth unemployment....

    Global Growth

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