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  • Car of the Future v4.0

    The Race for the Future of Networked Mobility If you were asked to think outside the box and give your vision of the future there are two things...

    Technology & Innovation
  • China’s Belt and Road at Five

    ...the development of infrastructure, trade agreements, a simplification of customs procedures, and cultural exchange. One indication that this might be the case lies in China’s growing interest in co-financing BRI...

    Global Growth
  • Inclusive Economic Growth Series

    Income inequality across OECD countries is high and has risen substantially in recent decades while global inequality has decreased, led by falling inequality between countries. Rising inequality is...

    Global Growth
  • Electric Vehicles

    ...electric vehicles — range, infrastructure, battery degradation, and cost. Basically consumers want to know if the car will get them to where they want to go, can they plug it...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Sustainable Cities

    ...if they are sustainability focused. And what an opportunity! In our Citi GPS report Infrastructure for Growth from October 2016, we estimated that global infrastructure spend to 2040 was $58.6...

    Global Growth
  • Bank of the Future

    The ABCs of Digital Disruption in Finance At the end of 2017, when typically the most asked questions include ‘Are you going to the company holiday party?’ and...

    Technology & Innovation

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