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  • Investment Themes in 2019

    ...service to attract. We are pleased to present our investment themes for 2019, and we wish all readers of our Citi GPS series successful investing in the year ahead....

    Global Growth
  • Investment Themes in 2018

    How Much Longer Can the Cycle Run? However, we suspect that the upside risk to global growth is limited and that expansion may peak in 2018. We are...

    Global Growth
  • 2017 Investment Themes

    ...protectionist policies and slowing trade and investment, many countries will have to search hard to find new growth drivers. Combining our core themes with these risks, we get a fascinating...

    Global Growth
  • Car of the Future v3.0

    ...themes were merely concepts. Now we have a number of industry players promising fully autonomous cars within five years! This means that the investment approach must also expand and evolve....

    Technology & Innovation
  • Investment Themes in 2016

    ...growth — exports, public and private domestic spending — are constrained, and China could either be a positive investment shock for EMs or the single-largest risk to global growth. Commodity...

    Global Growth
  • Is the Current Telecom Regulation Helping Economic Growth?

    ...resources such as spectrum, technology and access to sites, infrastructure competition tends to produce unstable outcomes. The key differentiating factors in these cases become price and investment. Unless the market...

    Technology & Innovation

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