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  • ePrivacy & Data Protection- Fresh Insights

    ...Advertising funded models have been one of the key planks supporting the Internet’s development and the online advertising industry appears to be right at the heart of the challenges that...

    Soundness & Security
  • Investment Themes in 2018

    ...lending industry, which bridges a major gap in China’s financial markets, which have a supply/demand imbalance between borrowers and investors. We estimate the immediately addressable market for online consumer credit...

    Global Growth
  • Technology at Work v3.0

    ...We look at the technology needed to automate order fulfillment, inventory management, and delivery when consumers shop online and examine the implications in a wide range of areas for industry,...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Disruptive Innovations IV online retail, we are now exploring direct-to-consumer marketplace for fashion where consumers can order direct from the manufacturer and bypass the retailer. Contextual Commerce is also changing the nature...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Investment Themes in 2015

    ...that have direct downstream implications for equity securities. These themes are e-commerce, where we examine the growth of the online retail sector, especially in emerging markets; battery storage, where we...

    Global Growth
  • Upwardly Mobile III

    Mobility Unchained: From Mobile Commerce to the Internet of Things In our first Upwardly Mobile report in March 2012, we looked at Mobile Payments and how this technology...

    Technology & Innovation

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