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  • Technology at Work v4.0

    ...Navigating Work in an Era of Technological Change When Citi and the Oxford Martin School co-wrote the first Technology at Work Citi GPS report in 2015 it highlighted how...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Purposeful Innovation in Finance

    ...Citi GPS Opinion Article Inequality is a hugely important topic and one that we examined in great detail in our recent report written in conjunction with the Oxford Martin...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Migration and the Economy

    ...partnership with The Oxford Martin School but who is also a specialist on migration and who is an author of the highly acclaimed 2011 book Exceptional People: How Migration Shaped...

    Global Growth
  • The Public Wealth of Cities

    How to Turn Around Cities Fortunes by Unlocking Public Assets In our 2016 Citi GPS report Infrastructure for Growth, we found the total global need for infrastructure spending...

    Global Growth
  • Technology at Work v2.0

    ...The Future Is Not What It Used to Be In this new report, Oxford Martin School academics; Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey, Associate Professor Michael Osborne and Dr. Craig Holmes...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Future Opportunities, Future Shocks

    Key Trends Shaping the Global Economy and Society Globalization has linked us all together, with countries, companies and individuals connected as nodes in a global system of unprecedented...

    Global Growth

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