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  • Feeding the Future usual’ mode. What’s wrong? Three main issues plague the global food industry: sustainability, waste, and nutrition. On the sustainability front, agriculture today consumes 70% of surface and groundwater and...

    Global Growth
  • Rethinking Single-Use Plastics

    ...While debates around the sustainability and recyclability of plastics have been long-running in Europe and the Americas, the Chinese government took a revolutionary approach earlier this year, deciding it would...

    Environmental Economics
  • Sustainable Cities

    ...if they are sustainability focused. And what an opportunity! In our Citi GPS report Infrastructure for Growth from October 2016, we estimated that global infrastructure spend to 2040 was $58.6...

    Global Growth
  • 2016 Corporate Finance Priorities

    ...increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve in nearly a decade, signaling confidence in the continued strength and sustainability of a U.S. recovery. In contrast, the European Central Bank...

    Global Growth
  • It’s Time to Break the Never-Ending Cycle of Crisis in Greece

    ...the debt sustainability of governments requesting financial support from the ESM. Such ESM funding would only be forthcoming if the sovereign in question is deemed to have debt sustainability with...

    Global Growth
  • Policy Uncertainty Stalls Global Investment

    ...environment. Fiscal Policy: Globally, fiscal policy turned from austerity programs designed to alleviate long-standing and growing concerns about sovereign debt sustainability, toward fiscal forbearance, which eases the timeline for previously...

    Global Growth

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