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  • Purposeful Innovation in Finance

    ...the longer-term impacts of greater adoption of automation and AI on employment models, as we examined in our Technology at Work Citi GPS series. Alternative energy brings enormous potential for...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Car of the Future Series fuel. In identifying and evaluating these future technologies, we also put together a basic investor framework that evaluates the potential for each technology by asking some simple questions —...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Technology at Work Series

    ...and work. This series studies the changing nature of innovation and work, and the associated implications for the future of employment and society more widely. We assess the extent of...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Technology at Work v3.0

    ...Automating e-Commerce From Click to Pick to Door   This report, the third in the Technology at Work series, focuses on the automation driven by e-Commerce for physical goods....

    Technology & Innovation
  • Technology at Work v2.0

    ...the effects of automation as well as areas where technology is helping to create new jobs. The Citi Research Economics team investigates whether traditional measurement tools are failing to capture...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Technology At Work Technology in the 21st century is enabling the automation of tasks once thought quintessentially human: cognitive tasks involving subtle and non-routine judgment. Through big data, the digitization of industries,...

    Technology & Innovation

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