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  • Factory of the Future

    ...Flexible, Digitalized, and Sustainable The Factory of the Future might conjure images of ‘lights out’ factories with lines of industrial robots, but the robots of the future will not...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Technology at Work Series

    The digital age is set to cause more upheaval than previous technological revolutions because change is happening faster than ever before and is fundamentally altering the way we...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Disruptive Innovations V

    ...managers are disrupting their pricing models by considering a performance-oriented fee structure. Robots designed to replace humans through the automation of factory floors has been a trend for a few...

    Technology & Innovation
  • 2017 Investment Themes

    A Wind of Change A wind of change is sweeping through politics, economics and markets and it threatens to bring with it a new direction for economies and...

    Global Growth
  • Beyond China

    ...the world’s factory and advanced economies as the drivers of consumer demand. In its place, a more heterogeneous, multipolar framework is emerging with both manufacturing and final consumption more broadly...

    Global Growth
  • Technology At Work

    ...of the assembly line and workers adapted by making their skills complementary to the arrival of new technologies. Despite an increasing amount of automation being added to the factory floor...

    Technology & Innovation

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