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  • Experiential Commerce

    A Brave New World The young urban professionals of today — the Millennials — are very different from their 1980s ancestors. Today’s generation is said to enjoy experiences more than material things. They spend their money on doing things that create memories instead of buying things that show off their status. They grew up in...

    Global Growth
  • Investment Themes in 2020

    Fast forward a year and a lot of the same concerns remain prompting our global economics team to ask ‘Is the 2020 outlook half full or half empty?’ They expect global growth to stabilize around 2.7% but the outlook is contingent on how the different tensions that are currently affecting the global economy end up...

    Global Growth
  • Corporate Finance Priorities 2020

    The strength of the equity markets masks the largest valuation gap between the highest- and lowest-valued companies observed in a decade. This gap continues to widen, driven by differences in innovativeness, growth, balance sheet strength, earnings stability, and exposure to protectionism risk. In particular, the potential impact of protectionism requires firms to be acutely focused...

    Global Growth
  • Car of the Future v4.0 – 2020 Update

    The Race for the Future of Networked Mobility In that report, we wrote that we should expect to see more autonomous vehicle (AV) features sold on personal cars — like features that allow vehicles to drive themselves — around 2020-2021, and that these features would be offered in the same way as advanced safety options...

    Technology & Innovation
  • The Global Art Market-Drivers of Evolution

    Citi Private Bank’s Art Advisory & Finance team guides clients through the art market, helping to create important private art collections that reflect each collector’s vision. We provide administration and management, consultation on wealth planning, and offer loans collateralized by artwork. Our advisors seek to help clients buy wisely, save money, and turn their collections...

    Global Growth
  • Education: Power to the People

    Exploring Opportunities for Private Capital in Education once said, the reason education is such a difficult topic to debate and therefore set policy on, is because it is one of those subjects where everyone has an opinion. As opposed to say energy or trade policy, education is a subject where all of us have real...

    Technology & Innovation

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