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  • Factory of the Future

    Flexible, Digitalized, and Sustainable The Factory of the Future might conjure images of ‘lights out’ factories with lines of industrial robots, but the robots of the future will not be like those in the past — they will be easily integrated into human environments, and become as common as cars or phones. In this report,...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Plaza Accord or Currency War Playbook?

    Citi GPS Opinion Article This raises the question whether the U.S. dollar is indeed overvalued and, if so, whether there is a case for a coordinated attempt by the leading industrial countries (including China) to engage in a concerted intervention to bring down the external value of the dollar. Is there a case for a...

    Global Growth
  • Technology at Work v4.0

    Navigating Work in an Era of Technological Change When Citi and the Oxford Martin School co-wrote the first Technology at Work Citi GPS report in 2015 it highlighted how technology, including automation, robotics, digitization and AI, was sweeping through many industries, but with it came a growing risk to jobs — Carl Benedikt Frey and...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Video Games: Cloud Invaders

    Bracing for the Netflix-ization of Gaming Game choices moved quickly after that – Tetris on my Macintosh Plus, Donkey Kong on my Nintendo DS, Brickbreaker on my Blackberry, and now Candy Crush on my iPhone. The common constraint through the years was that the games I played continued to be dependent on the device I...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Managing Cyber Risk with Human Intelligence

    A Practical Approach Sadly, as with most things in life, technology isn’t always as good as it seems. For all the same reasons the technology is a positive – the interconnectedness, the shared environment, the increased speed and efficiency – it is also a negative. Specifically, technology can be used as a tool for criminal...

    Soundness & Security
  • Shifting Political Risk & Prospects for Global a Soft Landing

    The four global recessions since 1961 have been triggered either by adverse supply shocks (both triggered by geopolitical upheaval prompting an oil price spike), or by financial implosions. Although there are risks of a significant oil price hike, or a sustained and/or intensified trade war that would lead to global financial implosion, we do not...

    Global Growth

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