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  • Managing the Financial Risks of Climate Change

    Some Regulators Are Ahead of the Game Greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and climate change are not only existential issues for those concerned with the future of humanity, they are also immediate concerns for financial regulators. Climate change poses a ubiquitous risk to financial bottom lines, even for corporations that do not have any direct...

    Environmental Economics
  • Electric Aircraft

    Flightpath of the Future of Air Travel In the transportation world, we’ve seen a tipping point in the acceleration of the ‘Car of the Future’ where we are now moving decidedly in the areas of electric and autonomous vehicles. We’ve even seen all-electric technology expand into trucking with production and sales of new electric models...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Energy Darwinism III

    The Electrifying Path to Net Zero Carbon If scientists are right, and we’re moving down a path in which rising average temperatures could lead to huge changes in our ecosystem, it would make sense to at least have a plan to mitigate the danger. And unfortunately this isn’t tomorrow’s problem — at current rates of...

    Environmental Economics
  • For Better Or Worse, has Globalization Peaked?

    Understanding Global Integration Without identifying it by name, the average person actually has a good understanding of the economic cycle — peaks and troughs, expansions and contractions. Since the 1980s, an added piece to the economic narrative was that globalization would help drive the economy and make the transition between economic ups and downs a...

    Global Growth
  • Factory of the Future

    Flexible, Digitalized, and Sustainable The Factory of the Future might conjure images of ‘lights out’ factories with lines of industrial robots, but the robots of the future will not be like those in the past — they will be easily integrated into human environments, and become as common as cars or phones. In this report,...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Plaza Accord or Currency War Playbook?

    Citi GPS Opinion Article This raises the question whether the U.S. dollar is indeed overvalued and, if so, whether there is a case for a coordinated attempt by the leading industrial countries (including China) to engage in a concerted intervention to bring down the external value of the dollar. Is there a case for a...

    Global Growth

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