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  • Purposeful Innovation in Finance

    Citi GPS Opinion Article 15 January 2019 – For many, a real perception exists that leaders, politicians, policymakers and those characterized as the ‘elite’ are not listening to the broader population, which increases the sense of frustrated marginalization. The trait of ‘I know better’ is not limited to the elite but manifests itself across many...

    Technology & Innovation
  • 2019 Corporate Finance Priorities

    The global corporate sector is entering 2019 on the heels of episodic turbulence in 2018 and with mixed signals for the year ahead. On the one hand, current corporate and macroeconomic fundamentals remain sound, with continued GDP growth, low unemployment, and healthy corporate balance sheets. On the other hand, some financial market indicators, such as...

    Global Growth
  • Investment Themes in 2019

    Our Investment Themes report in 2018 was titled ‘How Much Longer Can the Cycle Run?’ and with the full year behind us, we are none the wiser. Last year we suspected upside risk to global growth was limited and that expansion may peak in 2018 and noted that we were moving into an increasingly mature...

    Global Growth
  • Car of the Future v4.0

    The Race for the Future of Networked Mobility If you were asked to think outside the box and give your vision of the future there are two things you would need to do. First, you would need to categorize those things that you think will stay constant throughout time, next, you would think of those...

    Technology & Innovation
  • China’s Belt and Road at Five

    A Progress Report China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) marked its fifth birthday in September 2018, though there was probably less to celebrate than the Chinese authorities might have wished. Five years after President Xi presented the initiative to the world in a speech in Kazakhstan, the BRI is facing pressures on three fronts. The...

    Global Growth
  • Feeding the Future

    How Innovation and Shifting Consumer Preferences Can Help Feed a Growing Planet It’s a simple question: Will we be able to feed everyone if the population of the planet rises from about 7 billion people today to 9-10 billion in 2050? If you are a student of Thomas Malthus and buy into his Essay on...

    Global Growth

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