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  • The Global Art Market

    Drivers of Evolution Citi Private Bank’s Art Advisory & Finance team guides clients through the art market, helping to create important private art collections that reflect each collector’s vision. We provide administration and management, consultation on wealth planning, and offer loans collateralized by artwork. Our advisors seek to help clients buy wisely, save money, and...

    Global Growth
  • Education: Power to the People

    Exploring Opportunities for Private Capital in Education once said, the reason education is such a difficult topic to debate and therefore set policy on, is because it is one of those subjects where everyone has an opinion. As opposed to say energy or trade policy, education is a subject where all of us have real...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Digitizing Governments

    The Journey to Enacting a Digital Agenda Governments are beginning to play a key role in the digitization of their country’s economy which is impacting industry and citizens — digitizing government ministries, government services, and every interaction with society. While governments will have a more direct role in driving the transformation of government services, governments...

    Soundness & Security
  • Managing the Financial Risks of Climate Change

    Some Regulators Are Ahead of the Game Greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and climate change are not only existential issues for those concerned with the future of humanity, they are also immediate concerns for financial regulators. Climate change poses a ubiquitous risk to financial bottom lines, even for corporations that do not have any direct...

    Environmental Economics
  • Electric Aircraft

    Flightpath of the Future of Air Travel In the transportation world, we’ve seen a tipping point in the acceleration of the ‘Car of the Future’ where we are now moving decidedly in the areas of electric and autonomous vehicles. We’ve even seen all-electric technology expand into trucking with production and sales of new electric models...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Energy Darwinism III

    The Electrifying Path to Net Zero Carbon If scientists are right, and we’re moving down a path in which rising average temperatures could lead to huge changes in our ecosystem, it would make sense to at least have a plan to mitigate the danger. And unfortunately this isn’t tomorrow’s problem — at current rates of...

    Environmental Economics

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