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  • Closing the Loop on Global Recycling

    Finding a Global Solution to the Patchwork of Recycling While the principle of resource conservation is undoubtedly good, recycling systems currently implemented across the globe vary widely in terms of basic structure, incentives, and scope. Many recycling systems are publicly run, others are completely outsourced to private parties, while still others use a hybrid public/private...

    Environmental Economics
  • Disruptive Innovations VII

    Ten More Things to Stop and Think About In healthcare, we once again are spoiled for choice in terms of the ideas and concepts that are quickly coming down the pike. Robotic surgery makes up just 2% of all surgical procedures currently, but with advancements in visualization and robotics, this looks set to accelerate to...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Building a TCFD With Teeth

    What the Markets Need to Price Climate Risk In response to this attention, the information available regarding the market impact of climate change has improved markedly, which in turn helps drive improving visibility of the problem. Historically, the quality of information on climate change (regarding both its possible impacts and the exposure of market participants...

    Environmental Economics
  • Banking the Next Billion

    According to the World Bank, almost 1.7 billion people — nearly one-third of the global population — weren’t included in the formal financial system in 2017. When asked, people give a whole range of reasons as to why they don’t use financial services — they don’t trust banks, it’s too far to travel to one,...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Experiential Commerce

    A Brave New World The young urban professionals of today — the Millennials — are very different from their 1980s ancestors. Today’s generation is said to enjoy experiences more than material things. They spend their money on doing things that create memories instead of buying things that show off their status. They grew up in...

    Global Growth
  • Investment Themes in 2020

    Fast forward a year and a lot of the same concerns remain prompting our global economics team to ask ‘Is the 2020 outlook half full or half empty?’ They expect global growth to stabilize around 2.7% but the outlook is contingent on how the different tensions that are currently affecting the global economy end up...

    Global Growth

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