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  • Supply Chain Finance

    Uncertainty in Global Supply Chains Is Going to Stay Trade flows are a fundamental driver of global economic growth and commerce, mitigating pressures and inflationary challenges, with social and environmental benefits intrinsically linked to that growth. Trade accounts for 52% of global GDP, according to the World Bank. A year ago, Citi published a comprehensive...

    Risk & Resilience
  • State of Global Electric Vehicle Adoption

    A Trip Around the World Heading into 2023, Citi’s Global Auto Team reviewed its latest forecasts for global, light vehicle electric vehicle (EV) penetration. Unlike past forecasts, today’s forecasting process entails taking into account complex and evolving factors from near-term macroeconomic and inflationary pressures to new policies and subsidies (some of which have yet to...

    Sustainability & Society
  • Disruptive Innovations IX

    Ten More Things to Stop and Think About In our new report, the ninth in our Disruptive Innovations series, we once again look at some of the leading-edge concepts across sectors and identify new products, which could ultimately disrupt their marketplace. A few of the “new” concepts are derivatives of innovations we have explored in...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Antimicrobial Resistance

    The Silent Pandemic In the Citi GPS series, we have highlighted amazing new advancements in healthcare over the years — from immunotherapy, and CRISPR-based gene editing to virtual care and blood tests for cancer. One healthcare area notably absent from the innovation series is antibiotics. In the U.S., 251.1 million antibiotic prescriptions were written in...

    Sustainability & Society
  • Climate Finance

    Mobilizing the Public and Private Sector to Ensure a Just Energy Transition At the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November 2021, world leaders came together and set a global agenda on a path to net zero emissions. Pledges were made to further cut carbon dioxide emissions, reduce the use of coal, lower methane emissions,...

    Sustainability & Society
  • Food Security

    Tackling the Current Crisis and Building Future Resilience Around the globe, nearly a third of us worry about where our next meal is coming from, and one in ten of us suffer from hunger or malnutrition. How is that possible in a modern society? While we are having high-level debates about the possible dystopian effects...

    Sustainability & Society

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