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  • Waiting and Waiting for the Global Renminbi

    Citi GPS Opinion Article In the years following the Great Financial Crisis things seemed to be looking up for the renminbi. By the middle of 2015, almost 30 percent of China’s trade was being settled in renminbi; Hong Kong banks were holding some RMB 1 trillion worth of yuan-denominated deposits; and there was life in...

    Global Growth
  • Purposeful Innovation in Finance

    Citi GPS Opinion Article Inequality is a hugely important topic and one that we examined in great detail in our recent report written in conjunction with the Oxford Martin School: Citi GPS – Inequality and Prosperity in the Industrialized World. Inequality within countries has indeed risen markedly in recent years, as has inequality between generations,...

    Technology & Innovation
  • 2019 Corporate Finance Priorities

    As GDP growth momentum slows and becomes less balanced across the globe, developing a robust growth strategy becomes a key priority for companies in all sectors. We find that investors historically preferred organic growth, evidenced by higher shareholder returns for firms that mainly grew organically. However, companies will need to use acquisitions to overcome a...

    Global Growth
  • Investment Themes in 2019

    Trade tensions between the U.S. and China has thrown a big wrench into global growth plans, increasing uncertainty across markets and stoking fears of a slowdown in global growth. Our commodities team asks us to ‘Call them in March’ as rarely in history have so many factors for the period ahead depended so significantly on...

    Global Growth
  • Car of the Future v4.0

    The Race for the Future of Networked Mobility Looking back at old futuristic movies and television shows, the creative people who made them did those same two things. Interestingly, most believed how we were going to traverse this planet would be vastly different. Be it some type of Star Trek transporter that digitizes your molecules...

    Technology & Innovation
  • China’s Belt and Road at Five

    A Progress Report The second is the increasingly loud accusation from recipient countries that the initiative is too little ‘win-win’ and too much ‘China-win’. This summer the Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad described a “new colonialism” — a phrase that captures the idea that the BRI has led to the accumulation of liabilities on receiving...

    Global Growth

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