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  • Race to Save the Euro Would Follow ‘GREXIT’

    Citi GPS Opinion Article Some relaxation on the timing of austerity, some limited early disbursement of funds to pay for essential public goods and services, and some token pro-growth gestures courtesy of the European Investment Bank and EU Structural and Cohesion funds will most likely keep Greece in the EA for the time being. However, we...

    Global Growth
  • The G-20’s Financial Inclusion Killer App

    Citi GPS Opinion Article The recent Citi GPS report, Upwardly Mobile: An Analysis of the Global Payments Opportunity, concluded that the Mobile Payments opportunity has two facets – the developed market opportunity which is to provide a secure, feature-rich product for smartphone users, and an emerging market opportunity where financial inclusion is the initial use-case...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Energy 2020

    North America, the New Middle East? Five incremental sources of liquids growth could make North America the largest source of new supply in the next decade: oil sands production in Canada, deepwater in the U.S. and Mexico, oil from shale and tight sands, natural gas liquids (NGLs) associated with the production of natural gas, and...

    Environmental Economics
  • Upwardly Mobile

    An Analysis of the Global Mobile Payments Opportunity The meteoric rise in mobile phone subscriptions – now almost 6 billion worlwide – has transformed communication. It’s not only about voice. Today’s mobile phones can serve as a mobile payments platform or shopping mall. Mobile Payments touches a large number of industries. This is increasingly true...

    Technology & Innovation

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