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  • Feeding the Future

    How Innovation and Shifting Consumer Preferences Can Help Feed a Growing Planet Advances in agriculture, food manufacturing, and food distribution together have increased the efficiency of the global food industry to supply an ever-growing population. But if we look at today’s global food industry, we find that it is unsustainable for future demand in its...

    Global Growth
  • Migration and the Economy

    Economic Realities, Social Impacts & Political Choices In this report, we have sought to take a detailed and balanced perspective on the impact of immigration on advanced economies, and particularly on those in Europe and North America where the popular concerns regarding migration appear to be especially acute. This report forms part of a wider...

    Global Growth
  • Rethinking Single-Use Plastics

    Responding to a Sea Change in Consumer Behavior Roughly half of global consumer packaging is made of plastic and over a third of resin that is produced by Chemical companies goes into packaging end markets. Plastics have become a staple of daily life in the modern world, steadily gaining share from other packaging materials over...

    Environmental Economics
  • Disruptive Innovations VI

    Vanessa Colella, Chief Innovation Officer at Citi, writes that innovation isn’t always instantaneous: The hardest challenges to identify and react to are the ones that arise slowly. Large-scale societal, economic, and technological trends that emerge gradually and continuously over time are easily overlooked, but in reality it is these trends that can create the biggest...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Putting The Band Back Together

    Remastering the World of Music In the U.S., the music industry generated $43 billion in revenue, matching the prior peak in 2006. While business-to-business (B2B) revenues (Music Publishing and Licensing) and music ads (AM/FM, YouTube) are flattish, consumer outlays (Concerts, Subscriptions) are at all-time highs. While consumer spending habits are undergoing profound changes, the current...

    Technology & Innovation
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Pathways to Success – A Systematic Framework for Aligning Investments The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aim to tackle the challenges, issues, and injustices facing the world by 2030, but the goals themselves are complex. They are arguably all inextricably linked, with numerous feedback loops, not all of them positive. Trillions of dollars of...

    Global Growth

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