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  • Energy 2020

    North America, the New Middle East? Five incremental sources of liquids growth could make North America the largest source of new supply in the next decade: oil sands production in Canada, deepwater in the U.S. and Mexico, oil from shale and tight sands, natural gas liquids (NGLs) associated with the production of natural gas, and...

    Sustainability & Society
  • Upwardly Mobile

    An Analysis of the Global Mobile Payments Opportunity The meteoric rise in mobile phone subscriptions – now almost 6 billion worlwide – has transformed communication. It’s not only about voice. Today’s mobile phones can serve as a mobile payments platform or shopping mall. Mobile Payments touches a large number of industries. This is increasingly true...

    Technology & Innovation
  • 2012 Elections & Political Transition: Local Issues, Global Impact

    Citi GPS Opinion Article With many of the world’s most powerful leaders struggling to maintain public legitimacy amid the economic downturn, a focus on short-term populist, nationalist and protectionist policy measures instead of comprehensive long-term reforms will likely increase. In this environment, the potential for self-inflicted policy failure remains the most significant risk, though muddling...

    Risk & Resilience
  • 2012 Investment Themes

    Navigating towards a growth course Globally we expect the economy to grow 2.5% in 2012, down from about 3% in 2011 and from over 4% in 2010. Compared to a typical recession, today’s GDP growth is somewhat weaker than expected and unemployment is still much higher than one would expect to see at this point...

    Growth & Prosperity
  • What Happens if the Euro Collapses?

    Citi GPS Opinion Article It took seven years of careful preparation and planning to launch the then 11-nation Euro Area in 1999. Exchange rates of the 11 candidate national currencies converged smoothly to the irrevocable euro conversion rates agreed among the member states well in advance. Even the fiscally weak and uncompetitive Euro Area candidates...

    Growth & Prosperity

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