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  • The Public Wealth of Cities

    ...In our 2016 Citi GPS report Infrastructure for Growth, we found the total global need for infrastructure spending was $58.6 trillion over the next 15 years. At the same time...

    Global Growth
  • China Entering a New Political Economy Cycle

    ...and priorities that he advocates. Given that the ‘China dependence’ of many countries has risen considerably as China has become the largest contributor to global growth (at 40% vs. the...

    Global Growth
  • Car of the Future Series

    ...networks, and eventually integrated mobile networks, connectivity, over-the-air, and big data are areas being pursued by automakers because of potentially game-changing business model economics.Authors: Authors: Authors: Authors: Authors: Authors:...

    Technology & Innovation
  • Solutions for a Global Water Crisis

    ...ways to improve the management of water and reduce inefficient water use over time – and yet we are still faced with the problem of a looming global water crisis....

    Environmental Economics
  • 2017 Investment Themes

    ...that 2017 could be very different. A wind of change is sweeping through politics, economics and markets and it threatens to bring with it a new direction for economies and...

    Global Growth
  • Car of the Future v3.0

    ...connectivity, over-the-air and big data aren’t necessarily verticals that automakers are being forced to pursue. Rather, they’re being pursued because of potentially game-changing business model economics. It’s no coincidence that...

    Technology & Innovation

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