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Article - 24 May 2024
Disruptive Innovations X
Ten More Things to Stop and Think About

What’s the next big thing coming down the pike? What will the innovations of tomorrow be, and how will they disrupt the status quo?

Citi’s Disruptive Innovations series, now in its 10th edition, addresses these vital questions, offering up ten fresh early-stage innovations we hope will grab your attention.   

Antibody Drug Conjugates – ADCs combine the potency of chemotherapy with the precise targeting on monoclonal antibodies in the war against cancer. Approvals have been granted, and revenues are forecast to double between 2023-26.

Autonomous Agents – Digital assistants will increasingly be powered by AI. Large language models have captured the imagination over the last 18 months. Large action models could be next.

FemTech – Women are less well served than men in many health areas, including diagnosis, therapeutics, and pain management. FemTech can help close the gender health gap.

Joint All-Domain Command and Control – JADC2 uses sensors, communication, and AI capabilities to materially reduce critical decision-making timelines and deal with military threats across air, land, sea, space and cyberspace.

Neuromorphic Computing Architecture – Computing will take on more human brain-like architectures to reduce the bottlenecks between logic and memory as AI-related computing demand rises.

Piezoelectric Roads – Smart roads could harness electricity generated by vehicles travelling across these new roads.

Quantum Sensing – Sensors are the eyes and ears of our technological world. Quantum sensors can provide an unprecedented level of detail to generate new insights and aid decision making across multiple industries.

Retail Media – Digital adverts tied directly into a retailer’s website, or on third-party websites, are growing fast, in part due to stricter data privacy standards.

Smart Money – Generative AI has revolutionary potential in financial services, expanding the uses cases of ML and AI into unstructured data to change customer service, sales and marketing, content generation and coding.

White & Gold Hydrogen – Naturally occurring hydrogen sources are trapped below the earth’s surface in underground deposits. Exploration techniques are being looked at by governments and private companies alike.

The full report contains detailed sections on each of these innovations, along with analysis of the broader innovation backdrop.

We hope you enjoy digging into these in Citi’s Disruptive Innovations X.