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Proxymity is the world’s first digital end-to-end proxy voting platform. We directly connect issuers and investors in real time for a more efficient, more accurate and more transparent voting process.

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Award winning

Global Custodian awarded Proxymity “Best innovation in Service 2018”

Global Custodian
Global Custodian: “Proxymity is a prime example of real innovation with potential to disrupt an established process that has been riddled with manual and outdated procedures.”

Jonathan Watkins

Managing Editor, Global Custodian


Real time efficiency

With a direct connection between issuers and investors on a web-based platform

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By directly connecting issuers and investors, meeting information is no longer passed from intermediary to intermediary. Instead, issuers can efficiently distribute meeting notifications and agendas to investors on the platform.

And as votes can be instantly recorded in real time right up until the market deadline, investors have more time for research so they can make better-informed decisions on their investments.


Less risk, more accuracy

With a fully-paperless, digital solution that reduces risk and risk for all participants

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In the current proxy voting process, data is often inputted manually and interpreted at multiple times across the chain. Not anymore…

With Proximity, only the issuer and investor can input data. This happens directly onto our digital platform, removing the risk of data being inputted incorrectly or misinterpreted. And thanks to our immediate updates, both parties can identify and correct any incorrect information before it’s too late.


Unrivalled transparency

With immediate confirmation and the opportunity to make real-time amendments

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Without the long, unnecessary chain of intermediaries, information can now be received in real-time on the Proxymity platform… and nothing is hidden.

Issuers will see who has voted and who instructed them. And investors receive a real-time receipt of vote, whilst being able to identify and correct any potential breaks in the chain that might put their instruction at risk.

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